Every cake has a story.

City Mama Julia and her flower loving daughter were looking for some serious flower power for her 5th birthday party! What could be better than a bouquet of flowers? A bouquet of cupcakes and a cake, that's what!

To kick things off I whipped together my very vanilla cake batter. I used a rose tip to create the delicate flower petals and placed a big blueberry right in the center for the pistil. (Yum!)

Next up were the rose cupcakes. We decided to make two kinds of cupcakes, because go big or go home.

Finally, it was cake time! I used my All American Buttercream to dress this moist marble cake. I started by carving the cake and then pre-soaking the cake in simple syrup to lock in moisture, and then I filled the inside layers with berry pink buttercream.

The sweetest part about this cake story isn't the desserts. Julia and her daughter wanted cupcakes because her daughter "loves people and wants each little cake to represent the love they have for their family and friends."

Thanks to the family for letting me be a part of this very bright & flowery day!


Bree Ferraro - District Mommy.

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