Every cake has a story.

I make all my cakes with love but wedding cakes get a little something extra. So when a very special friend of mine announced her engagement in April, I secretly hoped she'd ask me to be a part of her special day by making the cake.

Diana & I met in high school and our friendship ran so deep that we decided to get matching tattoos on our wrist (you couldn't pay me to be 17 again). Life happened, and we somehow let 5 years pass without seeing each other.

During this time Diana started dating her husband Andre, the pair fell in love - and got two cute puppies. After much anticipation, on Friday 8/16/19 they tied the knot.

Diana wanted a simple and romantic cake for their special day. I started by making my very vanilla cake batter. I made sure to use Madagascar bourbon vanilla and Irish cream butter. Only the best for this special occasion! I made a light Swiss meringue buttercream to cover the cake and I used a home-style icing design. The last step was adding sugar beads and flowers to class this cake up.

I usually would take about 1,000 photos and videos but I could not keep my damn phone straight because I couldn't stop shedding happy little tears for my friend.

Growing up we would always talk about when and where we might find love one day, and what our wedding days would be like. Watching Diana walk down the aisle and exchange vows with Andre while placing her hands in his was simply a beautiful moment. And yes, the wedding was 100% District Mommy approved.

Diana & Andre, I am wishing you both a lifetime of laughter & love together. Thanks for having me be a part of your beautiful day.


Bree Ferraro - District Mommy

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