Updated: May 7, 2019


When I pictured what motherhood would be like for me, I imagined the big house, the perfect dog, and two kids spaced 2.5 years apart.....

Then,I moved to the DC, adopted a dog with anxiety and got pregnant after birthing my son seven months prior. (Yay! Irish Twins..)

Being a city mama seems like it is a world apart from being a suburban mama.

A lot of us don’t have unplanned trips to target (especially in the district because we only have one.)

We don’t have to send our kids off to the neighborhood school (is the lottery system a blessing or a curse?) and we most certainly can't find anywhere to park the strollers that we put more miles on than some people do their cars! 

Welcome to District Mommy! My name is Bree Ferraro and I’ve created this blog to act as a guide for moms in my vibrant city, Washington, DC! District Mommy will become your most loved website to find out where to shop/brunch/munch with babies, recipes, small living ideas and MOMWEAR. 

It’s important to build a community in a city that sometimes can feel wayyy tooooo big. So grab your Bugaboo stroller and never be afraid to mama in the city alone. 

Bree Ferraro - District Mommy

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