Am I the As*hole?

Sometimes you just have to ask..

Q: Am I the as*hole for not allowing my family and friends over to see the kids because of COVID-19?

A: Not at all! You know what is best for your kids! My family has been practicing social distancing, for us that includes - not having my family & friends over and here's why....

After years of rushing to clean-up before my in-laws came over and my dad stopping by with expired food unannounced, I FINALLY have a legitimate reason for declining folks an invite to my home.

One of my friends asked if she could come over and visit after work earlier this week. My mind was calculating her route to get here on the metro like...

If I gotta think twice, It probably won't be nice. So, I told her no.

If your not as direct as I am, simply rescheduling or moving playdates and visits to virtual meetups is an awesome alternative! I know its not the same, but its better than nothing lol! Group facetime rolled in right on time.

The bottom line is..

Do what makes you comfortable during this time! Just be safe, smart & happy!


Bree Ferraro

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