Contactless Delivery (Kinda)

The world may be coming to a halt, but the pizza party won't stop.

Since many people have not been practicing social distancing *rolls eyes,* I thought to myself on Sunday, "I'm ordering a damn pizza." So yes, I went against everything I was preaching about regarding not ordering food during this outbreak. It all started when I saw that &Pizza is doing a BOGO pizza deal with no delivery fees. That - plus the fact that I ran through a lot of my quarantine snacks. Anyhoo, I made the call to order some pizza, and then regret set in. I wouldn't be getting this pizza anytime soon. 183 MIN WAIT.

Aside from that minor setback in this operation, &Pizza is doing great work right now! In light of the 'rona rolling around the nation, the company is giving free pizza to all hospital workers, they gave their employees a $1raise, and of course their pizza is consistently delicious.

Long story short, the pizza took about three and a half hours to get here and honestly, I'm still not really sure what contactless delivery is. The pizza came to my door carried in the bare hands of the courier - and apparently no gloves were needed for him to complete this contactless pizza mission.


Bree Ferraro

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