Contactless Pick-Up (DCity Smokehouse)

I'm bad at quarantining

Two weeks ago, I was telling everyone I knew that I was not leaving my house except for emergencies and that I'd only be living off the food I source from my backyard. Literally in that same week, I ordered like twelve &Pizzas. Fast forward to yesterday when I just said "fuck it" and went out and got me some food.

I am officially out of patience and meal ideas.

I've been tracking Miss Rona and I know that she is a hell of a girl. So, I packed Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and common sense for this mission. I'm leaving the face masks to the medical professionals who need them. I have a feeling that most of us mamas are already used to to carrying around wipes and hand sanitizer.

It was SO beautiful outside and people definitely seemed to be keeping their distance from us. I have to admit there was a brief moment where I was tempted to even practice social distancing from my own family! It has been a long 15 days.

If you're unfamiliar with DCSH and why it worth the risk. I have linked their Website here. Anyhoo, DCSH is our favorite spot for a super casual dinner and drinks. My experience with picking the food up for contactless pick-up was pretty similar to picking food up at any place. The only difference is, I placed my order over the phone, I was not allowed to sit, and the staff were wearing gloves. Did I mention you can take beer and wine to-go? What a time to be alive! (Kind of.) We ordered two half smokes topped with chili, a 1/2 lb of brisket, hushpuppies, collard greens, and fries. We basically needed a duffel bag to carry the food out.

Once I got back in the house I took my shoes off, washed my hands, and wiped the containers off with a Clorox wipe. I guess if I felt like I had to do all that, I probably shouldn't have been outside at all (lol). The food, as always, was sensational. One of the biggest reasons that I decided to grab food at a small DC business is to support them during this time. Ethan used to work in the bar industry on The Hill and he knows so many people that are being severely impacted by this.

Speaking of which, you can donate to your favorite industry professional by using the DC virtual tip jar!

It's really sad that places need to let staff go, and in some instances are shutting their doors for good. Food brings people together. That's why I started baking, and then this blog. Now is a great time to support a local business! Even if that just means buying a gift card to use at a later time.

To wrap this blog up. If you're not too afraid to take-out food from your favorite spot. DO IT!

*Please note that this was written before we all got placed on house arrest. Please only leave for essential reasons only.*


Bree Ferraro

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