Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Where an adult can be a kid again.

With the summer winding down, I needed to find a new neighborhood spot.

HalfSmoke had been on my radar for the last few months & I finally got to try their food!

Here's the scoop....

HalfSmoke is located on busy Florida Ave. It's right across the street from the Metro PCS that plays the GoGo music that prompted the #DontMuteDC movement earlier this summer. Upon entering Halfsmoke, I got sports bar/best-friend's basement vibes. There are early 2000s throwback music videos playing on the TVs & so much nostalgia here - from the Lisa Frank binders that are used for the menus to the VHS tapes they use to present your check. There is also tons of seating from couches to tables. Sadly, there are only two high chairs so that was a let down since we had three children with us. *Edit - The manger Michelle informed me there are more high chairs!*

Downstairs is the bar & kitchen; upstairs is a shabby chic patio.

Let's move on to the drinks. I ordered their punch & of course a frozé. The punch tasted like skittles (yum) & the frozé was honestly the best I ever had.

We started the kids off with the fries, mac & cheese, and sweet potato tots. All of the food came out crispy and hot.

All three dishes were approved by all three kids.

Since our search for the best wings in DC continues, our awesome sever brought out HalfSmoke's wings for us to try. If you're a fan of grilled styled wings, these are definitely for you. We kept it simple and got a cheese pizza which was hot and extra cheesy!

Now it's the moment ya'll been waiting for.. The HalfSmoke was the star of the show and it was great! I'm actually craving it again as I'm writing this. The bread was my favorite part because it was so buttery and fresh + there are endless toppings for you to choose from.

But wait, there's more! Dessert was brought out and Wes thought it was Christmas. We got a signature milkshake & a funnel cake which is my personal favorite childhood dessert. Some where between the middle of my first frozé & the bottom of my second, we decided it was time time to get home because the drinks were adding up.

Overall, HalfSmoke is District Mommy friend night approved. This is the place to drink and play board-games with the girls for brunch or happy hour. So ditch the kids, bring your gals, & frozé all day!



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