Same city. New zip code.

Hey City Mamas!

I know, I've been MIA for the last two weeks. We just made the move from our small Navy Yard apartment to our small Shaw row house. Aside from the normal things that happen when you move with kids - such as Wes stomping on, and cracking our TV during the mounting process - I'd say the move was successful.

Here's the small scoop on Shaw..

Shaw has an abundance of kids in the same age groups as Wes and Gia's.

I've already connected with a few awesome mamas and babies just by hanging out at the park - which I should add has a really cool splash park complete with a waterfall. I couldn't help but feel a bit out of place in Navy Yard because while there were a lot of kids at the parks, they were usually accompanied by a nanny and many of the parents we met were in their late thirties and early forties. We are in our mid twenties.

The nightlife in the area is absolutely District Mommy date-night approved. There are lots of bars, specialty wine shops and restaurants that are easy to walk to from my house. I was blown away by the Costco sized Giant complete with a beer and wine bar!!!

I haven't had a free moment to really explore all of 7th street yet, but with my birthday coming up on 7/9 I'm hoping to change that! I look forward to feathering my new nest and exploring all shaw has to offer. I can't wait to come back at you mamas with a full report on where to go and what to do in Shawsome Shaw.

More to come soon!


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