Flaming fondue anyone?

Ok city mamas, gather around for the story of my life. In typical Bree fashion, I was running behind for this dinner. Ethan and I decided to ditch the kids and head out for a date night. I made reservations at Tico DC - or so I thought - weeks ago.

Upon my arrival, it was disclosed to me that I did not make a reservation and I was indeed at the wrong restaurant. Why do I never double check when and where I'm going? Planning is simply not my thing. If you could have been there you would have been cringing the whole time. I repeatedly asked the manager if his name was Mark. (His name was Alex.)

Once I accepted the fact that there was no Mark & no reservation, I was turning around to leave when Alex said he'd be happy to have us dine with them tonight on the condition that we try the desserts. I guess you could say we were in the wrong place at the right time.

Tico DC is the place to be if your looking for a gorgeous ambiance. The walls are adorned with eclectic artwork, decor and paintings.

As always we started with drinks. Whenever I can't decide what to order, Ethan always says to pick the two drinks that I'm torn between and he'll drink whatever I don't like. I picked the Naked & Famous & the Sangria Roja. I liked both, so I drank both.

After some small talk it was time to order off the small plate menu. We decided to get the Flaming Queso Fundido, I'm always hesitant to order any kind of cheese dip when dining out because its usually just melted Velveeta, or some garbage that comes out of a can. (Should I be on the hunt to find the best queso in DC too?) However, Tico did not let me down. For starters the queso literally gets set on fire when it comes to the table. This dip was a tasty combination of chorizo, peppers and a blend of cheeses. Instead of chips you get some tasty warm tortillas.

Ethan and I were really feeling the small plates menu so we ordered the sweet corn with thai basil, bacon and chiles (yum).

I tried the wings. Tico's hot wings are made with habanero butter. They are not super saucy but they pack a lot of heat!

Tico has some delicious raw bar options. Ethan went with the salmon tartare - which he loved - and I went with another drink. This time I had the Tico Punch.

Keeping my promise to Alex, I tried the desserts. Alex bakes the desserts for the restaurant. Baker to baker, well done Alex. Well done. The Tres Leches was perfect and simply sweet. The plating had me feeling all fancy. The Churros Con Dolce was nothing like your $1 Costco churro. Have you ever had dark chocolate pearls & fresh strawberries combined? It's life changing, especially with the light crunch of the churro.

The phenomenal plating, delicious desserts, and beautiful artwork will have me coming back for more. Tico DC definitely gets the District Mommy date night approval.

If you are planning a night out at Tico any time during the month of June, just say the magic words District Mommy for a FREE DESSERT! Yum! Enjoy city mamas.

Bree Ferraro - District Mommy.

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