Updated: May 4, 2019

An Italian spot with buffalo wings? Count me in!

In the Ferraro household, Mondays are family date nights. Usually we head to Barracks Row, or in our Navy Yard bubble, but last Monday we ventured out to Mount Vernon Square to try out the new restaurant Nicoletta Italian Kitchen.

Two kids and 3 pamper changes later, we finally arrived and the smell of fresh bread instantly hit my nose and woke up my appetite.

We were seated next to floor to ceiling windows that offer a picturesque view of 4th street. Once we were seated, Karisma our awesome waitress brought out our menus. I dove right into the cocktail selection. I started with the Artful Dodger and Ethan had the High Hat. (How cute are those names?!) Both drinks were great! and Ethan, who is a bartender gave his approval. Unfortunately, due to the mental stress of having two under two we threw those drinks back before we had a chance to snap pictures!

We looked over the snack menu and decided on the the Pizza Bianca with the Spring Garlic Pesto dip because one, my bestfriend’s name in Bianca and two, who doesn’t love breadsticks? When Wes saw the breadsticks were arriving at our table he said “WOW"! Needless to say those were gone in a matter of seconds.

I couldn’t resist my curiosity about the Calabrese Hot Wings so Ethan and I decided to give them a try. It was love at first bite! I will say they have a strong-ish vinegar smell so if you’re not a big fan of vinegar these may not be for you.

Next up was their house pizza, we decided on the the Porchetta that had slow roasted pork, peppers and fennel we also selected the more kid friendly pizza- the Calabrese, which is thick-cut pepperoni, fennel sausage, red onions and mozzarella. The delicious red sauce on the Calabrese had us wanting to try out the Nicolleta Meatballs. Those were amazing however, I don’t think these are meant to be shared because they are so good, but you only get 3 medium sized meatballs.

I really brought my appetite with me that night and selected the Hanger, which was a delicious and tender hanger steak accompanied by some yummy peppers, onions and salsa rossa. Ethan got the Tagliatelle and thought it tasted very much authentic! (he’s Italian).

Just when I was taking my second bite of my steak both Gia + Wes decided it was time to go. My stomach wanted to leave too because I was sooo full I thought I wouldn’t even make to the Uber! but every mama knows the show must go on so I quickly calmed them down and pulled out my secret wepon; The Noggin app on my phone. The manger Hichicm introduced himself and made sure our dining experience was going well, we had zero complaints and full stomachs. I took my steak home and enjoyed it for lunch the next day and it reheated perfectly and was juicy.

Overall, I’d say Nicolleta is 100% District Mommy approved but the bottom line is, Nicolleta is more of a romantic and intimate restaurant, so if you can get a babysitter I’d leave the kids home.

Bree Ferraro - District Mommy

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