Damn.. it's usually good pizza..

It's something about a humid day and not cooking that goes hand in hand. Ethan took Wes + Gia to his parents house for the weekend to give me an early Mother's Day present. I swear my husband know's exactly what I need and when I need it. During my two day mom-cation, I was able to try out Boscia's new mermaid mask, (amazing)! and I watched way to much HGTV. To preserve the little bit of cleaning that I did accomplish, I took the kids out to the Yards Park so they wouldn't use their super-toddler energy to undo my hard-ish work. It wasn't until dinner time came around and we were still at the park with no dinner plans that I decided cooking was off the table and that we would grab something quick.

Pizza is my favorite food next to buffalo wings, but just like my beloved wings, I find that it’s hard to find good pizza in DC, I decided to head to WiseGuy Pizza in Navy Yard to see if they could kick my pizza craving.

WiseGuy has become a favorite place of mine because it's extremley family friendly! The space is large, and has ample outdoor and indoor seating with big family style tables. There's plenty of room to bring everyone. WiseGuy also has an adorable pink gelato shop that is really tasty on the other side of the restaurant. We did not get any gelato this time because, sugar at night results in an awake kid and an exhausted mama.

With a slogan like "Damn Good Pizza" what could go wrong?

Let's start with the bad....

The service was not good during my visit. The staff today really looked as if they did not want to be at work. There was no "hello" but more so, "what do you want?" I asked a staff member his opinion on how the Chicken Parm Pizza was and he didn't even respond...

So, I decided to just go with what I know and I got a regular slice of peperoni and their Godfather Pizza, which has peperoni, tomato sauce, sausage, ham, bacon & mozzarella. I've always had piping hot, fresh pizza when I get the Very Large Pie, but this menu item will set you back about $31 dollars when it's all said and done. The single slices range from $3.29 - $4.29 and there are no options for small or medium pizzas.

I was pushing the double stroller and juggling, drinks & pizza. When I asked one of the guys behind the counter where the high chairs were, once again, no response. I ended up asking the girl on the gelato side for the high chair, not only did she tell me where they were, she brought it to my table and I was thankful for the extra hand. I went to strap Wes in and the buckle was broken. I found this to be frustrating.

My pizza was just warm and did not taste very fresh, so that was a let down. I ended up asking them to warm my pizza up a bit longer and that kinda helped make the pizza taste better, but it still wasn't as fresh as it usually is.

On the bright side! Wes seemed to really enjoyed the pizza and had a lot of fun! Gia just discoved the pleasure of consuming anything that is not milk and rice cereal, so she really enjoyed herself.

I really wanted to give WiseGuy a better review but due to the sub-par service and the barlely warm pizza, I'm sad to say I can't give WiseGuy in Navy Yard the District Mommy approval that I wanted. I hope they were just having an off night and I can change my review in the future.

Got a pizza spot? or been to WiseGuy? Let me know your thoughts by subscribing and leaving a comment below!

Bree Ferraro- District Mommy

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