Working Hard? Or Working Even Harder?

At this point I'm just working to stay alive.

No matter how many times my co-workers say to me....

"Bree, it's ok if we hop on a video call while your kids are playing in the background!"; in my mind, it never will be. There are literally not enough hours in a day for me to wife, work, and wine. I don't like wearing my mom hat while also wearing my work hat because the two roles require two totally different Brees.

I need to just throw it out there - I have not been the best mom/wife (by my standards) since I've started working. My commute is long, my day is always packed, and I LOVE IT. I feel so guilty for loving my long and silent commute with no kids and no noise. The downside to this new found life is that I've fed my kids more chicken nuggets than I'd like to admit.

My company is an awesome place to work at and they seem to be super understanding to the fact that I have two under two, but still - how many times can I duck out of a meeting early because a kid climbed out of the crib? Do we honestly not judge our co-workers during a video call if we see their kids doing backflips off the couch?

Long story short... WFH Parents Rule! & I know all things are possible with Google Calendars, WiFi, & lots of snacks.


Bree Ferraro

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